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What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a chemical that is produced naturally in the body. The natural ageing process and trauma can unfortunately restrict the body’s ability to replenish glucosamine stores. For this reason, some people find supplementation to be beneficial, especially those who like to remain active. Nature’s treat have further promoted the quality of this supplement by adding in high concentrations of collagen.

Should I Take Glucosamine Collagen Tablets?

The expert team of professional nutritionists at Nature’streat have exclusively formulated these  Glucosamine HCL  500mg & Marine Collagen 400mg tablets to provide premium-grade, high-quality and powerful nutrients in an effort to help support active individuals.

Premium Quality, Naturally-Sourced Extracts

Nature’streat Glucosamine HCL 500mg & Marine Collagen 400mg utilise ingredients that have been sourced from industry-leading suppliers in an effort to maximise the potency of this formula. Suppliers go to great lengths to provide some of the purest, advanced marine-sourced glucosamine, taken from some of the cleanest waters in the world to be used in this Glucosamine HCL 500mg & Marine Collagen 400mg supplement.

Bioavailability and sustainability are ensured through the use of strict monitoring techniques of the surrounding environment and ecosystem within which the crustaceans reside. Marine-sourced glucosamine often provides a much higher quality compared to other, cheaper bovine-sourced glucosamine you might find in other supplements on the market.

To help amplify the quality of this formula, Nature’streat takes great care to conduct avid and stringent quality control checks throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. State-of-the-art machinery and equipment is used to purify and distil ingredients on a molecular level to eliminate the risk of toxins contaminating the final product.

A team of fully trained, experienced staff is on hand to conduct sampling tests and inspections to ensure only the best tablets are sent for packing. This Glucosamine HCL 500mg & Marine Collagen 400mg supplement features an easy-to-open, airtight seal that helps to prolong the freshness of the nutrients within.

All products are manufactured in the UK by our supplier to meet the strict standards outlined by the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

* Results may vary from person to person, any and all supplements should be used in conjunction with a balanced and healthy diet. If you are unsure about taking supplements consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.


If you are taking any prescription medication, you have a medical condition or you have specific concerns about the suitability of any of our products in relation to these, you should always consult your GP or Pharmacist prior to taking supplements. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a GP before taking supplements. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children. Supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a varied diet. Always read the label before use.

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